EU and Western Balkan States Articles
Intro – Polona Šprajc
(No. 2, 2020. EU and Western Balkan states)
13 Jan 2021 12:12:00 PM
The time and space in which we live today puts us in unexpected challenges that we, as a society, will have to overcome. People, groups, organizations and society in general are all the more influenced by the unimaginable possibilities of networking and joint action, which frames, among other things, the red thread of conferences, which with the present texts show the connection between countries and especially between people.

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The social contacts we make day in and day out through virtual communication and networking are just a substitute for what we really need. If we go through all the influences that we experienced as an individual and society throughout history, from natural, demographic, economic, political, socio-cultural, the importance of human-to-human behaviour is the most pronounced success that we as a society can wish and welcome. I am glad that the flow of talks within the conferences has opened many sides of what we all know, to a certain extent we all welcome, and above all we promote the principle that man has always been and will be strong in cooperation with others. The organizational sciences already dictate the reversal of the possibilities that man in the past history has been able to do in a group and the possibilities that we create in today's modern times at the level of organizations as well as national and global connections. I believe that such discussions and communication will be an important springboard for all countries, which are already part of the global world today, and perhaps to a significant extent also veiled by the veil of perception. But we will get there. Together. Mutually.
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