Security Science Journal
(Vol. 2 No. 2, 2021): Security Science Journal

Dr Shaul Shay The Armed Resistance to the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan, Prof.dr Lasha Tchantouridze In Afghanistan: Western and Soviet Methods of Counterinsurgency, Prof.dr Tamar Kupreishvili NATO's Global Challenges and Russia's CyberspatialitiesEsmeralda Kadena, Dr. Marsidi Gupi Human Factors in Cybersecurity: Risks and ImpactsLourdes Cecilia Ruiz Salvador, Carlos Lenin Alvarez Llerena, Dr. Huu Phuoc Dai Nguyen Digital Education: Security Challenges and Best PracticesRear Admiral (res) Demetrios Tsailas China-europe Strategic IssuesDimitrios Kantemnidis The European Environmental Security Agenda: From Concept to ImplementationMahmod Al-Bkree Optimizing Perimeter Surveillance Drones to enhance the security system of unmanned aerial vehicles (Case Study: Jordan)Malak Shatnawi, prof.dr Zoltan Rajnai Impacts of Digital Transformation on Mobility and Transportation Sector- Analysis of the Frequency of Mobility Users Before and During The COVID-19 Crisis, Prof.dr Song Lilei, Bian Sai China-EU Two-Level Cooperation And Challenges On Public Health During The COVID-19

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(Vol. 2 No. 1, 2021): Security Science Journal, DOI: 10.37458/ssj

Prof.dr Liliana Popescu: Women and Security - Contemporary Approaches And Issues - Antonia Dimou: Advancing Women in Peace And Security: Prom Promise to Action - Prof.dr Sabrina Magris: To Make a Choice You Should Know The Option Physiological and Psychological Contribution of the Female Component in National Security and Intelligence - Dr. Katarína Stoláriková: National Security And Gender from Anthropological Perspectives - Helmut Müller-Enbergs, Prof.dr Thomas Wegener Friis: Women Agents in the East German State Security - Prof.dr Rastislav Kazansky: Acculturation as an Instrument for Minimalization of Security Risks resulting From Immigration - Prof.dr Radoslav Ivančik: Treatise on Postulates of Security Theory

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(Vol. 1 No. 2, 2020): Security Science Journal, DOI: 10.37458/ssj
There is a need to introduce security sciences as a new scientific field within the existing organization of social sciences. The development of quality, usable, and functional human knowledge and skills have been guaranteed safe and undisturbed development of individuals and communities since the beginning of their existence.
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(Vol. 1 No. 1, 2020): Security Science Journal, DOI: 10.37458/ssj

Security Science Journal is the first of this kind in the World with the aim and goal to prove that Security is Science with its own specific methodologies and theories that Security Science is based on.

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