March 16-17th, 2018


Resilient Critical Infrastructure and Anti-terrorism - National and International Cooperation

Hotel Sheraton, Zagreb, Croatia

(program version from January 31, 2018)

Day 1: Friday 16 of March 2018

Arrival and Registration at Sheraton Hotel Zagreb (Sheraton Hotel Zagreb Location map)

10:00 - 11.00 Opening Ceremony

Dr. Gordan Akrap, Hybrid Warfare Research Institute, Zagreb

Prof.Dr. Shlomo Shpiro, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel


Guests of Honour:

HE President of the Republic of Croatia, mrs Kolinda Grabar Kitarović (tbc)

Mr. Damir Krstičević, Vicepresident and Minister of Defence, Croatia (tbc)

Dr. Davor Božinović, Minister of Interior, Croatia (tbc) 

Dr. Tomislav Ćorić, Minister of Energy and Environment Protection, Croatia


Panel I: Resilient Critical Infrastructure – Strategic Approach

Chair: Prof.Dr. Miroslav Tuđman, St. George Association, Zagreb

Dr. Alessandro Lazari, European Commission: How to build a community of experts in CIP?

Prof.Dr. Shlomo Shpiro, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel 

Prof.dr. John M. Nomikos, RIEAS, Greece: Cyber security incidents and terrorist threats in Greece 



12:30-13:00  Coffee Break


Panel II: Adaptibility of State to a new CI challenges
Panel of the former intelligence and security services directors and top Government officials – Adaptability of State to a new CI challenges – with focus on Hybrid/Cyber Warfare domain

Chair: Dr. Gordan Akrap, Hybrid Warfare Research Institute, Zagreb

Prof.Dr. Iztok Podbregar, Slovenia

Gen. (ret.) Yair Cohen, Israel 

Prof. Alexander Bligh, Senior Research Fellow, The Europa Institute, Israel


14:30-16:30 Lunch


Panel III A: Resilience and International Cooperation
Chair: Prof.Dr. Mirko Bilandžić, University of Zagreb

Gen. (ret.) Josi Peled, Israel

Prof.Dr.Zoran Dragišić, Prof.Dr.Darko Trifunović, University of Belgrade: Elements of Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Dr. Adrian Hanni: International Cooperation in preventing terrorist attacks on CI: What we can learn from the past?

Laris Gaiser, PhD, ITSTIME, Italy: European CIP: The need for a regional approach 

Panel III B: Cyber Resilience
Chair: Robert Zunac, Information Systems Security Bureau (ISSB), Croatia

Dr. David Gioe, US Army Cyber Institute at West Point US Military Academy, and Prof.Dr. Michael S. Goodman, King's College, London, UK: Russian InfoOps, and Cyber operations and CIP 

Dr. Roman DomovićInternet of Things as a new battlefield in the defense of Resilient CI 

Prof.Dr.Slavko Vidović, Hrvoje Sagrak, INFODOMSmart solutions for CIIP


20:00 -

Reception for Conference participants Dverce Palace, Katarinin trg 6



Day 2: Saturday, 17 of March 2018


Panel IV A: Resilience and Social cooperation

Chair: Prof.Dr. Mladen Vedriš, University of Zagreb, Croatia

General (res.) Ephraim Lapid, Dr., Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel: The Municipality as an Essential Factor in Promoting Resilience During Emergency and Terror: The Israeli Experience

Dr. Polona Šprajc, University of Maribor: A Resilience Based Approach to CI and Social Safety Issues

Dr. Jelle Jansens, University of Gent: Vulnerability and Resilience: Perspectives from organised crime research

Panel IV B: Maritime Security as an Integral Part of the International CIP

Chair: Dr. Robert Mikac, University of Zagreb

Dr. Tonči Prodan, Portus et Navem: Endangering Maritime Security – Risk Scenarios and Countermeasures

Dr. Antonia Dimou, Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, Senior fellow at Center for Middle East Development, UCLA, US:  Protecting Mediterranean Critical Energy Infrastructures Against terrorist Attacks and Cyber Threats

Velimir Ostoić, Adriatic Security Solutions: Resilience of Oil and LNG Maritime terminals  

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break


Panel V A: Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection 
Chair: Prof.Dr. John Nomikos, RIEAS, Greece

Dr. Michael Fredholm, University of Stockholm: The Threat to CEI from Terrorist Groups affiliated to ISIL

Vlado Zorić (Janaf d.d.)

Anna Abelmann, IIHA, Germany: Securing Energy Supply in Time of Energy Transition Process and Terror Threat–Chances and Challenges: The German Case



Panel V B: New Approaches toward CI Resilience

Chair: Prof.Dr. Marc Cools, University of Gent

Prof.dr.Frosina Remenski, University of Skopje: Critical Infrastructure Protection – case of FYROM 

Dr. Giliam de Valk, University of Leiden: A new Tool to Assessed Vulnerability of CI to terrorist attacks 

Ir. Yvan de Mesmaeker, European Corporate Security Association: Setting up the Security and Resilience of CI 

12.30-13.30  Forum's Integrated workshop – Future challenges, Joint Responses

Prof.Dr. Shlomo Shpiro and Dr. Gordan Akrap

The aim of this session is to integrate the lessons learned from the individual presentations of the previous two days, both in terms of threat analysis and of networked responses. Furthermore, this session will facilitate a wider discussion on the needs for joint capacity building, intensive inter operability, and mutual multi-level crisis assistance.



13:30 End of the Forum



13.30  Lunch